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Larry Walker

Playing Elkos biggest country hits for your ride home. Join Larry Walker as he entertains you.
Larry Walker

I’ve been fascinated with radio for as long as I can remember.  Grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, listening every morning to the great Don Sherwood on KSFO, then later Frank Dill, Mike Cleary, and Carter B. Smith on KNBR.  And rock n’ roll oldies on KFRC with Dr. Don Rose and Ron Reynolds on KNEW.  Later on, Gene Nelson was on KSFO, with Dave Henderson delivering the morning newscasts.  I built my own personal radio studio complete with a console, turntables, and cassette tape decks to practice my radio skills.  Started my collection of 45 rpm records, and recorded commercials and jingles to make it sound as real as possible.

In college, I studied electro-mechanics and then transferred to the College of San Mateo taking journalism along with radio and television courses.  Even passed the FCC Second Class License test that was needed back then to work in radio.  My life direction changed, got married, raised a family, and worked in the manufacturing industry and software consulting.  Even moving to Elko County several years ago, I never thought I’d have the opportunity to live my dream of working in radio.  Until I heard an advertisement on Ruby Radio to work part-time.  I responded to the ad and was fortunate to get hired as an afternoon disc jockey on Big Country 103.9, and eventually also doing weather segments.  A few months later, I was given the chance to learn how to write and deliver the news thanks to mentoring from the station ownership and Program Director.


I get great satisfaction working on the radio, providing local news, and promoting events in the community.  Especially when listeners tell me they enjoy hearing what I do.