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The Sandy Show

The Sandy Show

Sandy McIlree brings 29 years of experience to “The Sandy Show,”  Known as a guy’s guy with a big heart, he holds the self-proclaimed world record of being a best man seven times.  Sandy tends to lose things, loves dark comedy, fishing and feeding the homeless.

Tricia McIlree is a veteran call-in guest on her husband’s super-successful radio show, “She began her “career” when she said yes to a date with Sandy McIlree and has spent the last 15 years receiving unexpected, live, on-air calls meant to shock and stump her while entertaining everyone else. She has always delivered consistent, funny remarks that pretty much put her husband in his place. Tricia spent most of her childhood on her grandparents’ ranch riding horses, learning to fix fences and hanging out with her family. She graduated with a degree in psychology and went on to have careers that had absolutely nothing to do with her major. Tricia’s talents include an OCD-like ability to organize anything and everything, which she acknowledges is super-boring. She’s also incredibly adept at coming up with completely believable excuses/lies on the spot. It’s not a gift she’s proud of, but it’s definitely useful and has helped her out of many sticky situations. Her hobbies include watching TV, going to movies and collecting books she never actually reads. She loves decorated sugar cookies, French fries and Candy Crush. She hates every other driver in the world. She wishes she had enough money to pay someone to prepare every meal for her and her family because she hates to cook. She also wishes “professional juror” was actually a paying job because she’s incredibly good at judging others. Tricia has never professionally worked in radio, but had to come up with a bio, so … fingers crossed!

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